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Grand Ole' Texas

Portraits & Stories of Texas Grandmothers


Grand Ole’ Texas is a photo book project by award-winning Austin photographer, Andrew Bennett. The mission is to publish 100 portraits and short stories about grandmothers across the state of Texas. We want to capture history, as it is happening now, through the eyes of the Texas women who have led their families for generations. 


The inspiration for the book is from the photographer’s own experience with his grandmother. 


Bennett recalls, “My Mimi was a huge influence in my formation as an artist. She used to drive me to guitar lessons every Friday after school, and loved taking me to the art museums in Houston. Her encouragement to pursue my passions and never stop learning was a big reason I have made a career out of the creative arts.”


“Sadly, my grandmother passed away before I began taking photography seriously. I later learned how to shoot by photographing my family and friends, but never had the chance to take her portrait. Photography is such a social art, in that you get to know the people you work with. I want to get to know the grandmothers of Texas through these photos and stories, and let others get to know them too.” 


Dedicated to Mary "Mimi" Bennett (1920 - 2014)


The shoots take less than an hour. Locations are determined during a pre-interview phone call depending on each grandmother’s passions, hobbies, or history. We want to photograph you “in your element”.



Each participant will receive a one-time compensation of $100 and a free copy of the book once it is published. 

© 2020 Andrew Bennett Photo

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