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Brand Video + Commercial Photography 

Modern Dentistry in Downtown Austin

Toothbar has been a wonderful return client. Drs. Kimberley Barclay and Lauren Jacobsen are a blast to work with and are kind enough to let us experiment with unique shots and lighting. Their office in downtown Austin is a photographer's dream come true with tall ceilings and abundant natural light. We just recently finished a brand video and series of FAQ videos for their new website

We love providing clients with a bank of content to boost their SEO and have months of photo and video content on social.

Marketing Photos & Video for Dentists

Professional photography plays a crucial role in dental marketing by capturing the essence of a dental practice. High-quality images of smiling, satisfied patients and well-lit procedure rooms convey trust and competence, building a positive reputation. Clear before-and-after photos of dental transformations showcase expertise and attract potential clients. These images enhance website aesthetics, social media engagement, and print materials, setting a practice apart in a competitive field. Ultimately, professional photography instills confidence in potential patients, encouraging them to choose a dentist they perceive as reliable and skilled.

GVTCRebrand_August2021 23.jpg

Video content plays an important role in the success of dental practices for several reasons. First, it humanizes the practice, allowing potential patients to see the faces and personalities of the dental team, fostering trust and connection even before the first visit. This personal touch is particularly vital in healthcare, where trust is paramount. Second, video offers an effective medium to educate patients about dental procedures, oral hygiene, and preventive care. Explainer videos can demystify treatments, reduce anxiety, and empower patients to make informed decisions about their oral health. Last, video content enhances a dental practice's online visibility and engagement. Search engines favor video-rich websites, improving SEO rankings and attracting more visitors. Social media platforms prioritize video content, leading to increased reach and engagement with patients and the local community.

Patient testimonials in video format provide authentic and relatable endorsements of the practice's quality of care, helping to attract new patients. Furthermore, live-streaming procedures or Q&A sessions can showcase a dentist's expertise and interact directly with the audience, establishing authority and credibility. In today's digital landscape, where visual content dominates, video stands out as a powerful tool for dental practices to connect, educate, and engage with their current and potential patients, ultimately leading to practice growth and patient satisfaction.

High-end photography is essential for dental practices for several significant reasons. First, it creates a positive first impression. Visually appealing, well-lit images of the dental office, equipment, and staff convey professionalism and care, helping to build trust with potential patients before they even set foot in the practice. Second, detailed photographs of dental procedures and before-and-after shots serve as powerful educational tools. They help patients understand their treatment options, set realistic expectations, and alleviate anxiety by providing a visual roadmap of what to expect. Lastly, professional images are invaluable for marketing and online presence. They enhance the practice's website, social media profiles, and marketing materials, making them more appealing and shareable. They also improve search engine optimization (SEO), helping the practice rank higher in search results. 


Professional photography sets dental practices apart from competitors. It reflects a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, instilling confidence in current and prospective patients. Ultimately, high-quality photography in dental practices not only enhances the overall patient experience but also contributes to practice growth, patient satisfaction, and the establishment of a strong brand image in the competitive healthcare industry.

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